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Release 3.25 (release-date: 2013-02-21)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed two version-specific URI bugs:
1. gsutil cp -r gs://bucket1 gs://bucket2 would create objects in bucket2
with names corresponding to version-specific URIs in bucket1 (e.g.,
gs://bucket2/obj#1361417568482000, where the "#1361417568482000" part was
part of the object name, not the object's generation).
This problem similarly caused gsutil cp -r gs://bucket1 ./dir to create
files names corresponding to version-specific URIs in bucket1.
2. gsutil rm -a gs://bucket/obj would attempt to delete the same object
twice, getting a NoSuchKey error on the second attempt.
Release 3.24 (release-date: 2013-02-19)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug that caused attempt to dupe-encode a unicode filename.
Other Changes
- Refactored retry logic from setmeta and chacl to use @Retry decorator.
- Moved @Retry decorator to third_party.
- Fixed flaky tests.
Release 3.23 (release-date: 2013-02-16)
Bug Fixes
- Make version-specific URI parsing more robust. This fixes a bug where
listing buckets in certain cases would result in the error
'BucketStorageUri' object has no attribute 'version_specific_uri'
Release 3.22 (release-date: 2013-02-15)
New Features
- Implemented new chacl command, which makes it easy to add and remove bucket
and object ACL grants without having to edit XML (like the older setacl
- Implemented new "daisy-chain" copying mode, which allows cross-provider
copies to run without buffering to local disk, and to use resumable uploads.
This copying mode also allows copying between locations and between storage
classes, using the new gsutil cp -D option. (Daisy-chain copying is the
default when copying between providers, but must be explicitly requested for
the other cases to keep costs and performance expectations clear.)
- Implemented new perfdiag command to run a diagnostic test against
a bucket, collect system information, and report results. Useful
when working with Google Cloud Storage team to resolve questions
about performance.
- Added SIGQUIT (^\) handler, to allow breakpointing a running gsutil.
Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug where gsutil setwebcfg signature didn't match with
HMAC authentication.
- Fixed ASCII codec decode error when constructing tracker filename
from non-7bit ASCII intput filename.
- Changed boto auth plugin framework to allow multiple plugins
supporting requested capability, which fixes gsutil exception
that used to happen where a GCE user had a service account
configured and then ran gsutil config.
- Changed Command.Apply method to be resilient to name expansion
exceptions. Before this change, if an exception was raised
during iteration of NameExpansionResult, the parent process
would immediately stop execution, causing the
_EOF_NAME_EXPANSION_RESULT to never be sent to child processes.
This resulted in the process hanging forever.
- Fixed various bugs for gsutil running on Windows:
- Fixed various places from a hard-coded '/' to os.sep.
- Fixed a bug in the cp command where it was using the destination
URI's .delim property instead of the source URI.
- Fixed a bug in the cp command's _SrcDstSame function by
simplifying it to use os.path.normpath.
- Fixed windows bug in tests/ _NormalizeURI function.
- Fixed ZeroDivisionError sometimes happening during unit tests
on Windows.
- Fixed gsutil rm bug that caused exit status 1 when encountered
non-existent URI.
- Fixed support for gsutil cp file -.
- Added preconditions and retry logic to setmeta command, to
enforce concurrency control.
- Fixed bug in copying subdirs to subdirs.
- Fixed cases where boto debug_level caused too much or too little
- resumable and one-shot uploads weren't showing response headers
when connection.debug > 0.
- payload was showing up in debug output when connection.debug
< 4 for streaming uploads.
- Removed XML parsing from setacl. The previous implementation
relied on loose XML handling, which could truncate what it sends
to the service, allowing invalid XML to be specified by the
user. Instead now the ACL XML is passed verbatim and we rely
on server-side schema enforcement.
- Added user-agent header to resumable uploads.
- Fixed reporting bits/s when it was really bytes/s.
- Changed so we now pass headers with API version & project ID
to create_bucket().
- Made "gsutil rm -r gs://bucket/folder" remove xyz_$folder$ object
(which is created by various GUI tools).
- Fixed bug where gsutil binary was shipped with protection 750
instead of 755.
Other Changes
- Reworked versioned object handling:
- Removed need for commands to specify -v option to parse
versions. Versioned URIs are now uniformly handled by all
- Refactored StorageUri parsing that had been split across
storage_uri and conveience; made versioned URIs render with
version string so StorageUri is round-trippable (boto change).
- Implemented gsutil cp -v option for printing the version-specific
URI that was just created.
- Added error detail for attempt to delete non-empty versioned
bucket. Also added versioning state to ls -L -b gs://bucket
- Changed URI parsing to use pre-compiled regex's.
- Other bug fixes.
- Rewrote/deepened/improved various parts of built-in help:
- Updated 'gsutil help dev'.
- Fixed help command handling when terminal does not have the
number of rows set.
- Rewrote versioning help.
- Added gsutil help text for common 403 AccountProblem error.
- Added text to 'gsutil help dev' about legal agreement needed
with code submissions.
- Fixed various other typos.
- Updated doc for cp command regarding metadata not being
preserved when copying between providers.
- Fixed gsutil ls command documentation typo for the -L option.
- Added HTTP scheme to doc/examples for gsutil setcors command.
- Changed minimum version in documentation from 2.5 to 2.6 since
gsutil no longer works in Python 2.5.
- Cleaned up/clarify/deepen various other parts of gsutil
built-in documentation.
- Numerous improvements to testing infrastructure:
- Completely refactored infrastructure, allowing deeper testing
and more readable test code, and enabling better debugging
output when tests fail.
- Moved gslib/test_*.py unit tests to gslib/tests module.
- Made all tests (unit and integration, per-command and modules
(like naming) run from single gsutil test command.
- Moved TempDir functions from GsUtilIntegrationTestCase to
- Made test runner message show the test function being run.
- Added file path support to ObjectToURI function.
- Disabled the test command if running on Python 2.6 and unittest2
is not available instead of breaking all of gsutil.
- Changed to pass GCS V2 API and project_id from boto config
if necessary in integration_testcase#CreateBucket().
- Fixed unit tests by using a GS-specific mocking class to
override the S3 provider.
- Added friendlier error message if test path munging fails.
- Fixed bug where gsutil test only cleaned up first few test files.
- Implemented setacl integration tests.
- Implemented StorageUri parsing unit tests.
- Implemented test for gsutil cp -D.
- Implemented setacl integration tests.
- Implemented tests for reading and seeking past end of file.
- Implemented and tests for it in new tests module.
- Changed cp tests that don't specify a Content-Type to check
for new binary/octet-stream default instead of server-detected
mime type.
- Changed gsutil mv to allow moving local files/dirs to the cloud.
Previously this was disallowed in the belief we should be
conservative about deleting data from local disk but there are
legitimate use cases for moving data from a local dir to the
cloud, it's clear to the user this would remove data from the
local disk, and allowing it makes the tool behavior more
consistent with what users would expect.
- Changed gsutil update command to insist on is_secure and
- Fixed release no longer to include extraneous boto dirs in
top-level of gsutil distribution (like bin/ and docs/).
- Changed resumable upload threshold from 1 MB to 2 MB.
- Removed leftover cloudauth and cloudreader dirs. Sample code
now lives at
- Updated copyright notice on code files.
Release 3.21 (release-date: 2012-12-10)
New Features
- Added the ability for the cp command to continue even if there is an
error. This can be activated with the -c flag.
- Added support for specifying src args for gsutil cp on stdin (-I option)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed gsutil test cp, which assumed it was run from gsutil install dir.
- Mods so we send generation subresource only when user requested
version parsing (-v option for cp and cat commands).
Other Changes
- Updated docs about using setmeta with versioning enabled.
- Changed GCS endpoint in boto to
Release 3.20 (release-date: 2012-11-30)
New Features
- Added a noclobber (-n) setting for the cp command. Existing objects/files
will not be overwritten when using this setting.
Bug Fixes
- Fixed off-by-one error when reporting bytes transferred.
Other Changes
- Improved versioning support for the remove command.
- Improved test runner support.
Release 3.19 (release-date: 2012-11-26)
New Features
- Added support for object versions.
- Added support for storage classes (including Durable Reduced Availability).
Bug Fixes
- Fixed problem where cp -q prevented resumable uploads from being performed.
- Made setwebcfg and setcors tests robust wrt XML formatting variation.
Other Changes
- Incorporated vapier@ mods to make version command not fail if CHECKSUM file
- Refactored gsutil such that most functionality exists in boto.
- Updated gsutil help dev instructions for how to check out source.
Release 3.18 (release-date: 2012-09-19)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed resumable upload boundary condition when handling POST request
when server already has complete file, which resulted in an infinite
loop that consumed 100% of the CPU.
- Fixed one more place that outputted progress info when gsutil cp -q
specified (during streaming uploads).
Other Changes
- Updated help text for "gsutil help setmeta" and "gsutil help metadata", to
clarify and deepen parts of the documentation.
Release 3.17 (release-date: 2012-08-17)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed race condition when multiple threads attempt to get an OAuth2 refresh
token concurrently.
Other Changes
- Implemented simplified syntax for setmeta command. The old syntax still
works but is now deprecated.
- Added help to gsutil cp -z option, to describe how to change where temp
files are written.
Release 3.16 (release-date: 2012-08-13)
Bug Fixes
- Added info to built-in help for setmeta command, to explain the syntax
needed when running from Windows.
Release 3.15 (release-date: 2012-08-12)
New Features
- Implemented gsutil setmeta command.
- Made gsutil understand bucket subdir conventions used by various tools
(like GCS Manager and CloudBerry) so if you cp or mv to a subdir you
created with one of those tools it will work as expected.
- Added support for Windows drive letter-prefaced paths when using Storage
Bug Fixes
- Fixed performance bug when downloading a large object with Content-
Encoding:gzip, where decompression attempted to load the entire object
in memory. Also added "Uncompressing" log output if file is larger than
50M, to make it clear the download hasn't stalled.
- Fixed naming bug when performing gsutil mv from a bucket subdir to
and existing bucket subdir.
- Fixed bug that caused cross-provider copies into Google Cloud Storage to
- Made change needed to make resumable transfer progress messages not print
when running gsutil cp -q.
- Fixed copy/paste error in config file documentation for
https_validate_certificates option.
- Various typo fixes.
Other Changes
- Changed gsutil to unset http_proxy environment variable if it's set,
because it confuses boto. (Proxies should instead be configured via the
boto config file.)
Release 3.14 (release-date: 2012-07-28)
New Features
- Added cp -q option, to support quiet operation from cron jobs.
- Made config command restore backed up file if there was a failure or user
hits ^C.
Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug where gsutil cp -R from a source directory didn't generate
correct destination path.
- Fixed file handle leak in gsutil cp -z
- Fixed bug that caused cp -a option not to work when copying in the cloud.
- Fixed bug that caused '/-' to be appended to object name for streaming
- Revert incorrect line I changed in previous CL, that attempted to
get fp from src_key object. The real fix that's needed is described in
Other Changes
- Changed logging to print "Copying..." and Content-Type on same line;
refactored content type and log handling.
Release 3.13 (release-date: 2012-07-19)
Bug Fixes
- Included the fix to make 'gsutil config' honor BOTO_CONFIG environment
variable (which was intended to be included in Release 3.12)
Release 3.11 (release-date: 2012-06-28)
New Features
- Added support for configuring website buckets.
Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug that caused simultaneous resumable downloads of the same source
object to use the same tracker file.
- Changed language code spec pointer from Wikipedia to (for
Content-Language header).
Release 3.10 (release-date: 2012-06-19)
New Features
- Added support for setting and listing Content-Language header.
Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug that caused getacl/setacl commands to get a character encoding
exception when ACL content contained content not representable in ISO-8859-1
character set.
- Fixed gsutil update not to fail under Windows exclusive file locking.
- Fixed gsutil ls -L to continue past 403 errors.
- Updated gsutil tests and also help dev with instructions on how to run
boto tests, based on recent test refactoring done to in boto library.
- Cleaned up parts of cp help text.
Release 3.9 (release-date: 2012-05-24)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug that caused extra "file:/" to be included in pathnames with
doing gsutil cp -R on Windows.
Release 3.8 (release-date: 2012-05-20)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed problem with non-ASCII filename characters not setting encoding before
attempting to hash for generating resumable transfer filename.
Release 3.7 (release-date: 2012-05-11)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed handling of HTTPS tunneling through a proxy.
Release 3.6 (release-date: 2012-05-09)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug that caused wildcards spanning directories not to work.
- Fixed bug that gsutil cp -z not to find available tmp space correctly
under Windows.
Release 3.5 (release-date: 2012-04-30)
Performance Improvement
- Change by Evan Worley to calculate MD5s incrementally during uploads and
downloads. This reduces overall transfer time substantially for large
Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug where uploading and moving multiple files to a bucket subdirectory
didn't work as intended.
- Fixed bug where gsutil cp -r sourcedir didn't copy to specified subdir
if there is only one file in sourcedir.
- Fixed bug where tracker file included a timestamp that caused it not to
be recognized across sessions.
- Fixed bug where gs://bucket/*/dir wildcard matches too many objects.
- Fixed documentation errors in help associated with ACLs and projects.
- Changed GCS ACL parsing to be case-insensitive.
- Changed ls to print error and exit with non-0 status when wildcard matches
nothing, to be more consistent with UNIX shell behavior.
Release 3.4 (release-date: 2012-04-06)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed problem where resumable uploads/downloads of objects with very long
names would generate tracking files with names that exceeded local file
system limits, making it impossible to complete resumable transfers for
those objects. Solution was to build the tracking file name from a fixed
prefix, SHA1 hash of the long filename, epoch timestamp and last 16
chars of the long filename, which is guarantee to be a predicable and
reasonable length.
- Fixed minor bug in output from 'gsutil help dev' which advised executing
an inconsequential test script (
Release 3.3 (release-date: 2012-04-03)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed problem where gsutil ver and debug flags crashed when used
with newly generated boto config files.
- Fixed gsutil bug in windows path handling, and make checksumming work
across platforms.
- Fixed enablelogging to translate -b URI param to plain bucket name in REST
API request.
Release 3.2 (release-date: 2012-03-30)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed problem where gsutil didn't convert between OS-specific directory
separators when copying individually-named files (issue 87).
- Fixed problem where gsutil ls -R didn't work right if there was a key
with a leading path (like /foo/bar/baz)
Release 3.1 (release-date: 2012-03-20)
Bug Fixes
- Removed erroneous setting of Content-Encoding when a gzip file is uploaded
(vs running gsutil cp -z, when Content-Encoding should be set). This
error caused users to get gsutil.tar.gz file uncompressed by the user
agent (like wget) while downloading, making the file appear to be of the
wrong size/content.
- Fixed handling of gsutil help for Windows (previous code depended on
termios and fcntl libs, which are Linux/MacOS-specific).
Release 3.0 (release-date: 2012-03-20)
Important Notes
- Backwards-incompatible wildcard change
The '*' wildcard now only matches objects within a bucket directory. If
you have scripts that depend on being able to match spanning multiple
directories you need to use '**' instead. For example, the command:
gsutil cp gs://bucket/*.txt
will now only match .txt files in the top-level directory.
gsutil cp gs://bucket/**.txt
will match across all directories.
- gsutil ls now lists one directory at a time. If you want to list all objects
in a bucket, you can use:
gsutil ls gs://bucket/**
gsutil ls -R gs://bucket
New Features
- Built-in help for all commands and many additional topics. Try
"gsutil help" for a list of available commands and topics.
- A new hierarchical file tree abstraction layer, which makes the flat bucket
name space look like a hierarchical file tree. This makes several things
- copying data to/from bucket sub-directories (see “gsutil help cp”).
- distributing large uploads/downloads across many machines
(see “gsutil help cp”)
- renaming bucket sub-directories (see “gsutil help mv”).
- listing individual bucket sub-directories and for listing directories
recursively (see “gsutil help ls”).
- setting ACLs for objects in a sub-directory (see “gsutil help setacl”).
- Support for per-directory (*) and recursive (**) wildcards. Essentially,
** works the way * did in previous gsutil releases, and * now behaves
consistently with how it works in command interpreters (like bash). The
ability to specify directory-only wildcards also enables a number of use
cases, such as distributing large uploads/downloads by wildcarded name. See
"gsutil help wildcards" for details.
- Support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) configuration. See "gsutil
help cors" for details.
- Support for multi-threading and recursive operation for setacl command
(see “gsutil help setacl”).
- Ability to use the UNIX 'file' command to do content type recognition as
an alternative to filename extensions.
- Introduction of new end-to-end test suite.
- The gsutil version command now computes a checksum of the code, to detect
corruption and local modification when assisting with technical support.
- The gsutil update command is no longer beta/experimental, and now also
supports updating from named URIs (for early/test releases).
- Changed gsutil ls -L to also print Content-Disposition header.
Bug Fixes
- The gsutil cp -t option previously didn't work as documented, and instead
Content-Type was always detected based on filename extension. Content-Type
detection is now the default, the -t option is deprecated (to be removed in
the future), and specifying a -h Content-Type header now correctly overrides
the filename extension based handling. For details see "gsutil help
- Fixed bug that caused multi-threaded mv command not to percolate failures
during the cp phase to the rm phase, which could under some circumstances
cause data that was not copied to be deleted.
- Fixed bug that caused gsutil to use GET for ls -L requests. It now uses HEAD
for ls -L requests, which is more efficient and faster.
- Fixed bug that caused gsutil not to preserve metadata during
- Fixed bug that prevented setacl command from allowing DisplayName's in ACLs.
- Fixed bug that caused gsutil/boto to suppress consecutive slashes in path
- Fixed spec-non-compliant URI construction for resumable uploads.
- Fixed bug that caused rm -f not to work.
- Fixed UnicodeEncodeError that happened when redirecting gsutil ls output
to a file with non-ASCII object names.
Other Changes
- UserAgent sent in HTTP requests now includes gsutil version number and OS
- Starting with this release users are able to get individual named releases
from version-named objects: gs://pub/gsutil_<version>.tar.gz
and gs://pub/gsutil_<version>.zip. The version-less counterparts
(gs://pub/gsutil.tar.gz and gs://pub/ will contain the latest
release. Also, the gs://pub bucket is now publicly readable (so, anyone
can list its contents).
Release 2.0 (release-date: 2012-01-13)
New Features
- Support for for two new installation modes: enterprise and RPM.
Customers can now install gsutil one of three ways:
- Individual user mode (previously the only available mode): unpacking from
a gzipped tarball (gs://pub/gsutil.tar.gz) or zip file
(gs://pub/ and running the gsutil command in place in the
unpacked gsutil directory.
- Enterprise mode (new): unpacking as above, and then running the
script in the unpacked gsutil directory. This allows a systems
administrator to install gsutil in a central location, using the Python
distutils facility. This mode is supported only on Linux and MacOS.
- RPM mode (new). A RedHat RPM can be built from the file
in the unpacked gsutil directory, allowing it to be installed as part of
a RedHat build.
- Note: v2.0 is the first numbered gsutil release. Previous releases
were given timestamps for versions. Numbered releases enable downstream
package builds (like RPMs) to define dependencies more easily.
This is also the first version where we began including release notes.