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import argparse
import re
from typing import IO
from typing import List
from typing import Optional
from typing import Sequence
PASS = 0
FAIL = 1
class Requirement:
UNTIL_COMPARISON = re.compile(b'={2,3}|!=|~=|>=?|<=?')
UNTIL_SEP = re.compile(rb'[^;\s]+')
def __init__(self) -> None:
self.value: Optional[bytes] = None
self.comments: List[bytes] = []
def name(self) -> bytes:
assert self.value is not None, self.value
name = self.value.lower()
for egg in (b'#egg=', b'&egg='):
if egg in self.value:
return name.partition(egg)[-1]
m = self.UNTIL_SEP.match(name)
assert m is not None
name =
m =
if not m:
return name
return name[:m.start()]
def __lt__(self, requirement: 'Requirement') -> bool:
# \n means top of file comment, so always return True,
# otherwise just do a string comparison with value.
assert self.value is not None, self.value
if self.value == b'\n':
return True
elif requirement.value == b'\n':
return False
return <
def is_complete(self) -> bool:
return (
self.value is not None and
not self.value.rstrip(b'\r\n').endswith(b'\\')
def append_value(self, value: bytes) -> None:
if self.value is not None:
self.value += value
self.value = value
def fix_requirements(f: IO[bytes]) -> int:
requirements: List[Requirement] = []
before = list(f)
after: List[bytes] = []
before_string = b''.join(before)
# adds new line in case one is missing
# AND a change to the requirements file is needed regardless:
if before and not before[-1].endswith(b'\n'):
before[-1] += b'\n'
# If the file is empty (i.e. only whitespace/newlines) exit early
if before_string.strip() == b'':
return PASS
for line in before:
# If the most recent requirement object has a value, then it's
# time to start building the next requirement object.
if not len(requirements) or requirements[-1].is_complete():
requirement = requirements[-1]
# If we see a newline before any requirements, then this is a
# top of file comment.
if len(requirements) == 1 and line.strip() == b'':
if (
len(requirement.comments) and
requirement.value = b'\n'
elif line.lstrip().startswith(b'#') or line.strip() == b'':
# if a file ends in a comment, preserve it at the end
if requirements[-1].value is None:
rest = requirements.pop().comments
rest = []
# find and remove pkg-resources==0.0.0
# which is automatically added by broken pip package under Debian
requirements = [
req for req in requirements
if req.value != b'pkg-resources==0.0.0\n'
for requirement in sorted(requirements):
assert requirement.value, requirement.value
after_string = b''.join(after)
if before_string == after_string:
return PASS
return FAIL
def main(argv: Optional[Sequence[str]] = None) -> int:
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('filenames', nargs='*', help='Filenames to fix')
args = parser.parse_args(argv)
retv = PASS
for arg in args.filenames:
with open(arg, 'rb+') as file_obj:
ret_for_file = fix_requirements(file_obj)
if ret_for_file:
print(f'Sorting {arg}')
retv |= ret_for_file
return retv
if __name__ == '__main__':