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- id: check-added-large-files
name: check for added large files
description: prevents giant files from being committed.
entry: check-added-large-files
language: python
- id: check-ast
name: check python ast
description: simply checks whether the files parse as valid python.
entry: check-ast
language: python
types: [python]
- id: check-byte-order-marker
name: 'check BOM - deprecated: use fix-byte-order-marker'
description: forbids files which have a utf-8 byte-order marker.
entry: check-byte-order-marker
language: python
types: [text]
- id: check-builtin-literals
name: check builtin type constructor use
description: requires literal syntax when initializing empty or zero python builtin types.
entry: check-builtin-literals
language: python
types: [python]
- id: check-case-conflict
name: check for case conflicts
description: checks for files that would conflict in case-insensitive filesystems.
entry: check-case-conflict
language: python
- id: check-docstring-first
name: check docstring is first
description: checks a common error of defining a docstring after code.
entry: check-docstring-first
language: python
types: [python]
- id: check-executables-have-shebangs
name: check that executables have shebangs
description: ensures that (non-binary) executables have a shebang.
entry: check-executables-have-shebangs
language: python
types: [text, executable]
stages: [commit, push, manual]
- id: check-json
name: check json
description: checks json files for parseable syntax.
entry: check-json
language: python
types: [json]
- id: check-shebang-scripts-are-executable
name: check that scripts with shebangs are executable
description: ensures that (non-binary) files with a shebang are executable.
entry: check-shebang-scripts-are-executable
language: python
types: [text]
stages: [commit, push, manual]
- id: pretty-format-json
name: pretty format json
description: sets a standard for formatting json files.
entry: pretty-format-json
language: python
types: [json]
- id: check-merge-conflict
name: check for merge conflicts
description: checks for files that contain merge conflict strings.
entry: check-merge-conflict
language: python
types: [text]
- id: check-symlinks
name: check for broken symlinks
description: checks for symlinks which do not point to anything.
entry: check-symlinks
language: python
types: [symlink]
- id: check-toml
name: check toml
description: checks toml files for parseable syntax.
entry: check-toml
language: python
types: [toml]
- id: check-vcs-permalinks
name: check vcs permalinks
description: ensures that links to vcs websites are permalinks.
entry: check-vcs-permalinks
language: python
types: [text]
- id: check-xml
name: check xml
description: checks xml files for parseable syntax.
entry: check-xml
language: python
types: [xml]
- id: check-yaml
name: check yaml
description: checks yaml files for parseable syntax.
entry: check-yaml
language: python
types: [yaml]
- id: debug-statements
name: debug statements (python)
description: checks for debugger imports and py37+ `breakpoint()` calls in python source.
entry: debug-statement-hook
language: python
types: [python]
- id: destroyed-symlinks
name: detect destroyed symlinks
description: detects symlinks which are changed to regular files with a content of a path which that symlink was pointing to.
entry: destroyed-symlinks
language: python
types: [file]
- id: detect-aws-credentials
name: detect aws credentials
description: detects *your* aws credentials from the aws cli credentials file.
entry: detect-aws-credentials
language: python
types: [text]
- id: detect-private-key
name: detect private key
description: detects the presence of private keys.
entry: detect-private-key
language: python
types: [text]
- id: double-quote-string-fixer
name: fix double quoted strings
description: replaces double quoted strings with single quoted strings.
entry: double-quote-string-fixer
language: python
types: [python]
- id: end-of-file-fixer
name: fix end of files
description: ensures that a file is either empty, or ends with one newline.
entry: end-of-file-fixer
language: python
types: [text]
stages: [commit, push, manual]
- id: file-contents-sorter
name: file contents sorter
description: sorts the lines in specified files (defaults to alphabetical). you must provide list of target files as input in your .pre-commit-config.yaml file.
entry: file-contents-sorter
language: python
files: '^$'
- id: fix-byte-order-marker
name: fix utf-8 byte order marker
description: removes utf-8 byte order marker.
entry: fix-byte-order-marker
language: python
types: [text]
- id: fix-encoding-pragma
name: fix python encoding pragma
description: 'adds # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- to the top of python files.'
language: python
entry: fix-encoding-pragma
types: [python]
- id: forbid-new-submodules
name: forbid new submodules
description: prevents addition of new git submodules.
language: python
entry: forbid-new-submodules
types: [directory]
- id: mixed-line-ending
name: mixed line ending
description: replaces or checks mixed line ending.
entry: mixed-line-ending
language: python
types: [text]
- id: name-tests-test
name: tests should end in
description: this verifies that test files are named correctly.
entry: name-tests-test
language: python
files: (^|/)tests/.+\.py$
- id: no-commit-to-branch
name: "don't commit to branch"
entry: no-commit-to-branch
language: python
pass_filenames: false
always_run: true
- id: requirements-txt-fixer
name: fix requirements.txt
description: sorts entries in requirements.txt.
entry: requirements-txt-fixer
language: python
files: requirements.*\.txt$
- id: sort-simple-yaml
name: sort simple yaml files
description: sorts simple yaml files which consist only of top-level keys, preserving comments and blocks.
language: python
entry: sort-simple-yaml
files: '^$'
- id: trailing-whitespace
name: trim trailing whitespace
description: trims trailing whitespace.
entry: trailing-whitespace-fixer
language: python
types: [text]
stages: [commit, push, manual]