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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <algorithm>
#include <set>
#include "base/command_line.h"
#include "tools/gn/commands.h"
#include "tools/gn/label_pattern.h"
#include "tools/gn/setup.h"
#include "tools/gn/standard_out.h"
#include "tools/gn/switches.h"
#include "tools/gn/target.h"
namespace commands {
const char kLs[] = "ls";
const char kLs_HelpShort[] = "ls: List matching targets.";
const char kLs_Help[] =
R"(gn ls <out_dir> [<label_pattern>] [--all-toolchains] [--as=...]
[--type=...] [--testonly=...]
Lists all targets matching the given pattern for the given build directory.
By default, only targets in the default toolchain will be matched unless a
toolchain is explicitly supplied.
If the label pattern is unspecified, list all targets. The label pattern is
not a general regular expression (see "gn help label_pattern"). If you need
more complex expressions, pipe the result through grep.
gn ls out/Debug
Lists all targets in the default toolchain.
gn ls out/Debug "//base/*"
Lists all targets in the directory base and all subdirectories.
gn ls out/Debug "//base:*"
Lists all targets defined in //base/
gn ls out/Debug //base --as=output
Lists the build output file for //base:base
gn ls out/Debug --type=executable
Lists all executables produced by the build.
gn ls out/Debug "//base/*" --as=output | xargs ninja -C out/Debug
Builds all targets in //base and all subdirectories.
gn ls out/Debug //base --all-toolchains
Lists all variants of the target //base:base (it may be referenced
in multiple toolchains).
int RunLs(const std::vector<std::string>& args) {
if (args.size() == 0) {
Err(Location(), "You're holding it wrong.",
"Usage: \"gn ls <build dir> [<label_pattern>]*\"")
return 1;
// Deliberately leaked to avoid expensive process teardown.
Setup* setup = new Setup;
if (!setup->DoSetup(args[0], false) || !setup->Run())
return 1;
const base::CommandLine* cmdline = base::CommandLine::ForCurrentProcess();
bool all_toolchains = cmdline->HasSwitch(switches::kAllToolchains);
std::vector<const Target*> matches;
if (args.size() > 1) {
// Some patterns or explicit labels were specified.
std::vector<std::string> inputs(args.begin() + 1, args.end());
UniqueVector<const Target*> target_matches;
UniqueVector<const Config*> config_matches;
UniqueVector<const Toolchain*> toolchain_matches;
UniqueVector<SourceFile> file_matches;
if (!ResolveFromCommandLineInput(setup, inputs, all_toolchains,
&target_matches, &config_matches,
&toolchain_matches, &file_matches))
return 1;
matches.insert(matches.begin(), target_matches.begin(),
} else if (all_toolchains) {
// List all resolved targets.
matches = setup->builder().GetAllResolvedTargets();
} else {
// List all resolved targets in the default toolchain.
for (auto* target : setup->builder().GetAllResolvedTargets()) {
if (target->settings()->is_default())
FilterAndPrintTargets(false, &matches);
return 0;
} // namespace commands