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# Save the PATH as it was when the test started to restore it when it
# finishes
cleanup() {
# Restore the PATH as it was when the test started
die () { cleanup; echo $@ ; exit 1; }
. ../../../
# Directory where mocked binaries used by nvm_get_arch for each OS/arch are
# located
# Sets the PATH for these tests to include the symlinks to the mocked
# binaries
export PATH=.:${PATH}
# Setups mock binaries for a given OS and arch that mimic
# the output of the real binaries used by nvm_get_arch to guess
# the architecture of a given system.
setup_mock_arch() {
local OS=$1
local ARCH=$2
local OPT=$3
if [ "_$OS" = "_solaris" ] || [ "_$OS" = "_smartos" ]; then
ln -sf "${MOCKS_DIR}/isainfo_${ARCH}" ./isainfo
if [ "_$OPT" != "_no_pkg_info" ]; then
ln -sf "${MOCKS_DIR}/pkg_info_${ARCH}" ./pkg_info
ln -sf "${MOCKS_DIR}/uname_${OS}_${ARCH}" ./uname
# Cleans up the setup done by setup_mock_arch.
cleanup_mock_arch() {
local OS=$1
local ARCH=$2
if [ "_$OS" = "_solaris" ] || [ "_$OS" = "_smartos" ]; then
rm -f ./isainfo
rm -f ./pkg_info
rm -f ./uname
# Runs nvm_get_arch for architecture $ARCH and OS $OS, and compares the
# expected output $EXPECTED_OUTPUT with the actual output. Does nothing
# and exits cleanly if they match, dies otherwise.
run_test() {
local ARCH=$1
local OS=$2
local OPT=$4
setup_mock_arch $OS $ARCH $OPT
local OUTPUT="$(nvm_get_arch)"
cleanup_mock_arch $OS $ARCH
die "nvm_get_arch for OS \"$OS\" and arch \"$ARCH\" with OPT \"$OPT\" did
not return \"$EXPECTED_OUTPUT\"; got \"$OUTPUT\""
run_test x86 smartos x86
run_test x86 smartos x86 no_pkg_info
run_test amd64 smartos x64
run_test amd64 smartos x64 no_pkg_info
run_test x86 osx x86
run_test amd64 osx x64