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<title>2007 LLVM Developer's Meeting</title>
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<h1>2007 LLVM Developer's Meeting</h1>
Discussion about Clang at the <a href="">2007 LLVM Developer's Meeting</a>.
<p>In this video, Steve Naroff introduces the Clang project and talks about some of the goals and motivations for starting the project.
<p><b>Details:</b> New LLVM C Front-end - This talk describes a new from-scratch C frontend (which is aiming to support Objective C and C++ someday) for LLVM, built as a native part of the LLVM system and in the LLVM design style.
<h2>The Presentation:</h2>
<p>You can download a copy of the presentation in mov format. However, due to the picture quality, it is recommended that you also download the lecture slides for viewing while you watch the video.
<li><a href="">Video (mov file)</a>
<li><a href="">Lecture slides (PDF)</a>